Snapchat Adds New Targeting Capabilities

Maybe Snapchat is still reacting to the success of Instagram's Stories, or maybe they're just maturing. Snapchat has announced they will add new targeting features, long awaited by advertisers. 

As seen in WSJ, Snapchat will begin to offer the following capabilities, often seen as standard capabilities by ad veterans like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Snap Audience Match: marketers can match email data and mobile device IDs to Snapchat's audience data and target the users found
  • Snapchat Lifestyle Categories: ads will target users who watch specific categories of video, like sports or fashion
  • Lookalikes: will allow marketers to expand their target set by finding others who mimic the same characteristics of an existing audience

Snapchat is at a pivotal point, where they've begun to reach saturation with audiences aged 18-24. Maturing their ad capabilities should help Snapchat maintain the momentum they've become accustom to.