Facebook's Audience Network Now Includes Video Ads

People are watching 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day, and on Instagram, time spent watching videos has increased by 40% over the last six months. Now, Facebook is prepared to extend the reach of your video ads through its Audience Network, allowing advertisers to place ads in a curated list of sites and apps. This is great news for video advertisers because it effectively allows them to place video in contextual/relevant environments, with the same advanced targeting and reporting available on Facebook/Instagram proper. 

Video ads through the Audience Network will be offered in two different formats: 

In-Stream (desktop and mobile), which will play before, during, or after video content on third-party sites and mobile apps.

In-Article, which will appear on publishers' mobile pages, between paragraphs of text. This placement will autoplay when at least half of the pixels are in view.

According to AdAge, "It's also expanding the ways advertisers can buy video ads inside articles, or at least its own Instant Articles. Ads appear on Instant Articles by two means: through Facebook's Audience Network and in direct deals with publishers. Facebook previously allowed publishers to sell video ads inside articles themselves, but didn't support it through the Audience Network. That's now changing."