The Most Important Part Of Your Instagram Story? The Last Frame.

Instagram Stories allow for deeper, immersive experiences. In most cases, best practices tell you to prioritize the first few seconds in order to grab the audience's attention. While those first few seconds are important, we'd argue that the last few seconds are equally, if not more, important. Here's why: 

  1. Those viewers who make it to the last image or video in your Instagram Story are the ones most engaged - the most valuable. These are the viewers leaning forward who stuck around to see the ending.
  2. The last frame in your Story essentially serves as a call-to-action (CTA), inviting the viewer to spend more time with your brand. This is the brand's chance to create a different, potentially more lucrative ending, which gives more purpose for the Story.

In one client test, we saw an 18% increase in visits to the brand's site, which was prompted by the CTA to shop a particular product through a specified URL. The next time you're outlining the creative sequence for your Instagram Story, don't forget to ask yourself: what do we want the viewer to do next?